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Super High Pressure Washing Machine Hose
Heavy Duty Permium Garden Hose
Anti-bacteria, Anti-mildew Shower Hose
PVC high pressure layflat hose
EN559 Standard Gas Hose
PVC Flexible Duct Hose
Food Grade Braid Reinforced Hose
Five Ply Garden Hose
FDA Steel Wire Hose
Germany Type Hose Clamps
. Features:
  1) Band width: 19 mm, 38 mm, and 50.8 mm
  2) The hex head design allows tightening with an
     ordinary spanner or socket wrench.
  3) Material:
     . All 304 or 201 stainless steel or with carbon steel
       bolt & nut
     . Mini. HC-1 hose clamp with 8 mm width band
     . HC-1 hose clamp with 12.7 mm or 14.2 mm width band
     . All 300 SS; 430 SS or 304 SS band & housing, carbon
       steel screw
     . EHC-2: 304 SS one-ear hose clamp with 9 or 7 mm
       width band
     . HP: constant tension hose clamp: carbon steel

American Hose Clamps
 USA type hose clamp
1. The steel belt and housing to this production are 304H
   high steel stainless steel material, the same hardness
   with the European and American famous factories. And
   with the same level production procedure. The hardness
   to the stainless steel belt can reach HRC380 degree and
   with the treatment of anti-Electrolytic.

2. The housing to this production is 304H high steel
   stainless steel material, with high tension and hard to
   be deformed, can raise up 30% twist value.

3. The screw to the production is manufactured by 5
   processes. The accurate round degree can provide this
   production with good idle running frequency.

Bathtub Hose

  To be used for shower bath and toilet fittings.

PVC Steel Wire Duct Hose


1) Material: PVC, Copper plated steel wire reinforcement

2) Characteristics: inner steel wire strengthened, light weight and durable.

3) Applications: air ducting or liquid ducting under medium pressure, used in dust collector, medical instrument liquid, air, granule transmission.

5) Length: 10m, or as required, Maximum length in one piece is 15m

6) Diameter: 50 - 200mm or as required

7) Color: green, grey, black, transparent or as required

Carton or as required


Frame Resistant PVC Tube


This product freely decided length and colour fire resistant effect (self-extinguishments). It is used as the cable conduit passing through walls, inside the celling or at other hidden positions.

Extendable Aluminum Exhaust Hose



It is made of pressed aluminum foil, featuring high grade, environment protection, high temperature resistance, easy installation and free bending. It is suitable for using as the vent pipes for smoke exhauster, water heater, industrial exhaust fan and other places with high requirements of environment protection.

It features freely decided length.


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