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Super High Pressure Washing Machine Hose
Heavy Duty Permium Garden Hose
Anti-bacteria, Anti-mildew Shower Hose
PVC high pressure layflat hose
EN559 Standard Gas Hose
PVC Flexible Duct Hose
Food Grade Braid Reinforced Hose
Five Ply Garden Hose
FDA Steel Wire Hose
EN559 Standard Gas Hose


Kaisom EN559 Gas Hose is flexible,nice and safe with execellent resistance.Used for supplying gas in housesuch as gas heater,BBQ


Special Feature:


Reach  EN559 Standard !





Super High Pressure Washing Machine Hose

Supper High Pressure Washing Machine Hose.


   Normal High Pressure Hose Kaisom Super High Pressure Hose 
W.P   60 BAR  200--250 BAR
 B.P  200BAR  600--1000BAR


High Quality PVC compound !


Heavy Duty Permium Garden Hose
1. The latest products for tick control has been the production of garden. The product of Italian technology, than the ordinary garden further pressure may be effective in preventing issues such as avoid the twist, and prices are cheap.
2. This high-pressure hoses, wear-resistant, long service life, mainly in the areas of water in the garden is one of the most popular products in Europe and America.

PVC high pressure layflat hose
New technology made the new products of our layflat hose,is the most stressful in china.
1. Minimum working pressure up to 10BAR, the minimum burst pressure up to 30BAR, through foreign pressure test.
 2. High temperature up to 120 degrees, the temperature tested by foreign countries.
 3. High wear-resisting, long service life

EN559 Standard Gas Hose

Kaisom EN559 gas hose widely used in many kinds of products such as gas heater,BBQ,water heater and diversified regulators.

Special Feature:

EN559 standard.


Anti-bacteria, Anti-mildew Shower Hose

Kaisom Shower Hose/Tube: This shower hose is for Japanese shower hose, all the hose item pass through Japanese serious testing.

Special Feature:

1. Anti-bacteria, Anti-mildew.

2. UV resistant

3. Under 2.0Mpa pressure, no expansion and bursting in 30min lasting pressure test. ( standard working pressure 1.5Mpa).

4. OEM size:11mm*16mm ( other sizes, colour and LOGO are available at Kaisom factory)


Five Ply Garden Hose
The latest products have a 5 Ply Garden Hose non-toxic, anti-high-pressure, anti-corrosion, anti-tensile, high flexibility, layman appearance of the advantages of long life, and there is a good bonding between the inside and outside the wall, seamless, elastic like rubber, the Light and easy to roll easier. Widely used in agriculture, gardening and home and automotive plant irrigation, plant, animal, such as cleaning. The garden hose is also Europe and the United States governing the most popular one of the most popular varieties.


PE lay flat water hose is light in weight,and flexible with good cold and hot resistance,high working pressure,it is ideal tool for pump,water discharge in agriculture and building.

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